Chatty Joey

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, sorry about that. Joey has been on the go.

To make up for his absence, Joey let me film him “talking”. He does this alllll the time – he’s a chatty one – but every time I try to tape him he stops.

He’s not much of a barker, he’s just very vocal. See what I mean?


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Charlie Brown, Joey’s BFF*

*Disclaimer: Joey considers Charlie to be his BFF. Charlie does not consider Joey to be his BFF. Charlie makes this abundantly clear, so we thought it was only fair to him to make it known up front.

My parents have two chocolate labs, Jake and Charlie Brown, “the boys”. They are fabulous.

Charlie is sitting on Jake. Apparently, this is happens regularly.

Charlie is sitting on Jake. Apparently, this is happens regularly.


Joey loves his new “uncles”. He thinks Jake is pretty cool, but he thinks Charlie is downright awesome. Read more

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All That Work for a Pee Break

Last weekend, Mr. B and I took Joey out on the boat again. At one point, we were tied off to several other boats, making it a project to unhook the boat and give Joey a ride back to shore for a potty break. Mr. B decided to swim back to shore with Joey to let him do his business. So they bundled up in their life jackets and headed for land.

At first, Joey kept trying to turn around and swim back to the boat. Mr. B had to remind him a few times which way they were headed.




Joey wasn’t thrilled. He pretty much decided if they were going to shore, Mr. B was going to have to make it happen himself. Joey climbed up on Mr. B’s back and enjoyed the ride. (Mr. B, not so much.)




Fortunately, they made it to shore, because poor little Joe really had to go. As soon as Mr. B removed Joey’s vest, he took off to do his thing.




When it was time to swim back, Joey hopped back on the Mr. B Express.




But when they got a little closer, Joey decided he’d make it back to the boat faster on his own. He took off, leaving Mr. B in his dust.




When they got back to the boat, Joey relaxed in the shade with his sister and some nice ice cubes to munch on. After all that work for a pee break, Mr. B wasn’t in any rush to pump the little guy full of more water.




It was a good day, but I have a feeling Mr. B will be taking Joey for potty breaks via boat from now on. Acting as a personal shuttle for the little chunky butt wore him out!


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Joey the Photography Subject

Ever since I got my new camera a few weeks ago, I’ve been playing with it/learning about it/practicing my stuff non-stop. Because of convenience (he’s trapped in the house with me most of the day) and adorableness, Joey has been my go-to photography subject.

Clearly, he doesn’t understand what I’m holding in my hands and why I’m constantly in his little face with it.  Still, he’s a good sport about it. Which is a good thing, because I’m loving (read: using the crap out of) my new toy!

"Whatcha got there, Ma?"

“Whatcha got there, Ma?”

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Too Exhausted to Enjoy the River

Last weekend, we took Joey on a camping trip with my extended family and several friends. He loved it. He spent all weekend making friends with humans and dogs alike, and wore himself out in the process. So much so, that he was too exhausted to enjoy himself when we took him to the river yesterday.




He missed most of the fun because he was sleeping off the weekend.



I think it was worth it though, because he was a happy little pup alllll weekend 🙂


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